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E-Coating of a Cowl Panel for the Automotive Industry

Overhead Conveyor System
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Overhead Conveyor System
  Value Added Assembly
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Value Added Assembly
  E-Coated Cowl Panel in Specialized Packaging
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E-Coated Cowl Panel in Specialized Packaging

A tier one automotive supplier awarded Winchester Coatings Inc., a contract for a large dimensional and high volume product. To accommodate this project in a safe and efficient manner, WCI designed and installed a complete system that would carry unpainted parts directly from the receiving area to the E-coat paint line. Once painted, the parts were conveyed to an assembly area for the application of a foam strip. Upon completion of assembly, the parts were then placed into specialized packaging and forwarded to the final inspection area via transfer cars.

This specially designed system consists of an overhead trolley/conveyor and floor mounted container conveyor (with manual transfer cars). The system is capable of delivering 20 racks of various parts per minute. Thus, enabling WCI to achieve the requirements of 6 tractor trailer loads per day in a J.I.T. (just in time) manner.

To learn more about this project, and the process used to coat it, see the table below or contact us directly.

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Highlights of the Specialty E-Coating Project

Product Name Cowl Panel
Product Description E-Coating of an automotive cowel panel
Capabilities Applied/Processes Cleaning, Rinse, Conditioner, Zinc Phosphate, Sealer, E-coat, Post Rinse, & Cure/Oven. Inspection and Packaging.
New Facilities, tooling, & Equipment Overhead conveyor, Manual Transfer car System, Assembly Jig, and Rack Design
Overall Part Dimensions 57" x 12"
Material Applied PPG Pretreatment, Zinc Phosphate, BASF E-coat
Color Black
In Process Testing/Inspections Preformed Receiving Inspection, Part Cure Test, Film Build, Visual Defect Inspection, Foam Adhesion
Industry for Use Automotive
Volume 6 tractor Trailer Loads per day
Delivery/Turn Around Time JIT (Just in Time)
Delivery Location Somerset, KY
Engineering Specification TSH2354G
Film Build Required 15 Microns Min.
Packaging Requirements 16 pcs per customer supplied PIN Rack
Assembly Required Foam strip applied
Freight Third Party
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